Mountain Bike, a way of life…

I try to share my passion, my love for bicycles with kids and teenagers. My goal is for them to understand that cycling is a sport where one can have a lot of fun, in full respect of certain rules that are a fundamental part of our everyday life. As a coach I focus both on the cycling performance as well as the education.

“Our first goal, our mission is to guide our kids and grow together both improving the cycling performance as the personal growth. It’s not going to be easy, it’s a steep, narrow path with loose rocks and roots; for this reason we think there are two key factors for a good teaching method”:

OUR PASSION for the bicycle will help other people fall in love with the bikes, as if it would be a virus… a good virus thou! Our passion to teaching motivates us to study, to always be up to date with the researches. Thanks to our passion we train even when the weather is harsh, when it’s cold and the only reasonable thing would be to go home and have a hot tee.

OUR KNOWLEDGE. The theory is an essential part for every trainer;  one has to study, read, make researches, be up-to-date, have knowledge of  psychology,     knowledge of the human body, knowledge of training methods, etc., etc.  On the other hand, thanks to our KNOWLEDGE we are respected and authoritative.  Because if we do not know what we are teaching we would be unmasked and improvising would not be easy. We teach  driving techniques, the mechanics, orientation, we do lots of hours on the bikes, our eyes wide open and concentrated, always working out some new solutions and most importantly finding the correct empathy with the kids.

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