Our History

OroseinBike takes its name from the small town of Orosei. After several years of Mountain Bike races, and after becoming a licenced guide, we decided to share our knowledge with all mountainbike enthusiasts out there.

The places we are taking you on our guided tours are located on the Gulf of Orosei, these amazing locations are prohibitive to reach and unexplored since there’s no GPS signal nor signposts. Are you ready to discovers Sardinia’s unspoiled and wildest side?

Our Tours

Your next adventure starts here!

We decided to diversify our guided tours in order to please every level of driver, but also keeping in mind of how warm it gets during summer.

We have “easy tours” that take about 2-3 hours time with short, high peaks, and “medium tours” with a higher difficulty level that take about 3-5 hours time.

N.B: Costs are for guided tour only. We have several bikes for rent: 25,00€ a day. If you want to ride in safety and don’t worry about anything, ask for the daily insurance cover, the cost is 5,00€.


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