Oasi Bidderosa

The Bidderosa Oasis is the ideal place for a mountain-bike tour.

The impalpable silver coloured sand is adorned by evocative reddish rocks, while to its rear are luscious junipers, pines and oaks.

You may think it’s a fantasy place I’m talking about, but it’s not. This place is real and it’s called Bidderosa Oasis.

It is 13 Km North of Orosei and extends over 860 hectares, it is protected by specific planning controls and it’s open to a limited number of cars and motorbikes.

But with a mountain-bike trip inside this reserve, you are going to discover all its beauties: granite rocks, centuries old junipers and one of Sardinia’s finest beaches.

After a 4 km ride you get to the first beach, the other four are about 1 km away from each other reaching the last, fifth, which borders with the beach of Bèrchida in Siniscola.



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